Grandview Physicians Plaza

New Construction Commissioning Services

SEA Partnered with Grandview Physicians Plaza for New Construction to Optimize Energy and Minimize Energy Waste, Saving Overall Utility Costs

About the Facility

Grandview Physicians Plaza is a state-of-the-art outpatient companion to the nationally ranked Grandview Medical Center. It is focused on patients’ care needs, offering ease of access to advanced technologies and patient-focused services. The 207k square foot, well-appointed physicians office building features eight floors of efficient office suites. Immediately adjacent and connected to the one million square foot hospital, Grandview Physicians Plaza is a gateway to Alabama’s newest medical campus and provides excellent visibility and accessibility for physicians, patients, visitors and staff. It was awarded with a Green Globes certification.

SEA was selected as a team member for construction of the new building in September of 2015 and performed commissioning services on the two 400-ton York Centrifugal Chillers, two 1,200 gmp Marley Cooling Towers, eight Trane Air Handling Units and 49 variable air volume units with electric heat.


Grandview Physicians Plaza Facts

$210M Construction Cost
207k Square Feet
2016 Project Completed

Scope of Work

SEA’s focus for this project was commissioning which consisted of testing significant energy usage of all HVAC equipment. The completed, pre-functional checklist included approximately 80 issues; including: missing smoke alarms in the stairwell pressurization ductwork, incorrectly installed freeze protection safety switches, flow stations and condensate drains. Other problems included AHUs with large cracks, missing pipe hangers and supply fans not properly functioning. 

The results of functional testing included approximately 50 issues with the chilled water pumps, control valves, settings and switches to optimize energy savings and minimize energy waste, thus saving in overall utility costs. 

In 2019, SEA was asked to come back and evaluate why condenser water pipes were experiencing severe corrosion. SEA provided the owner with a Forensic Observation Report and mitigation recommendations for cleaning the surface of the pipe and applying a rust–inhibitor paint. 

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