Gadsden State Community College

New Construction Commissioning Services 

About the Facility

Gadsden State Community College recently constructed a new science building on their East Broad Campus. The 57,000 sq. ft. building has 12 new classrooms, eight labs, 22 offices, a lecture hall and a conference room. The building can also be used as a tornado shelter for faculty, staff and students. The construction project is one of three projects that are the result of the $25M bond issue approved by the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees. Two other projects, including an addition to the Cheaha Center on the Ayers Campus and the renovation of Allen Hall on the Wallace Drive Campus are also included in the expansion. 


Gadsden State Community College Facts

$13M Project Cost
57k Square Feet
2020 Completion Date

Scope of Work

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc (SEA) was contracted to provide new construction commissioning services on the mechanical design. The collaboration with the design team began early so that SEA could recognize and provide expertise on new technologies, standards and potential conflicts prior to construction. By engaging early, SEA was able to guide the application of various building envelope assemblies to directly impact the water-tightness of the building foundation and wall cavities, saving both time and money. 

The building fascade includes brick and stone masonry, as well as some precast concrete accents. SEA led the effort to ensure these systems came together seamlessly, recognizing and resolving issues prior to completion. Some of the issues addressed included masonry weeps and product compatability issues with waterproofing and moisture protection products. 

SEA is actively leading the mechanical systems commissioning effort by coordinating with the various trades to help develop commissioning plans that are both efficient and thorough. Ultimately, SEA’s activities on-site assist general contractors by helping them to avoid potential pitfalls during the construction process. SEA can make the biggest impact for saving time and money by being involved in the new construction process as early as possible. Let us be your guide. 

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