Fort Dix – U.S. Army 99th Regional Support Command

Resource Efficiency Managers (REMs)

SEA provides three Level III Energy Resource Managers (REMs) to the U.S. Army 99th Regional Support Command located at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

At A Glance

$5.8M Annual Estimated Realized Savings
450 Buildings Assessed
7.5M Square Feet

With more than 450 buildings across 7.5M sq. ft., Ft. Dix hosts critical support activities to support the Army Reserve’s unique posture for employing capabilities to the Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) in times of natural and man made disasters. The REM services are intended to increase the effectiveness of Ft. Dix and the 99th Reserve Command (RC) energy programs by identifying conservation measures to reduce energy and water usage as well as direct savings opportunities.

In option year 2, the accumulated savings were $5.8M with a realized savings of $1.25M. Proposed project savings not yet implemented are $4.6M. The REM program is measured by achieving cost savings that exceed the annual REM cost, resulting in the contract paying for itself on a yearly basis. For this project, the REM established a utility rate baseline average of current operations prior to implementing the alternative energy sources. As projects were implemented, comparison measurements were taken to arrive at total project savings.

The SEA REMs self-perform all work, focusing specifically on utility cost avoidance. The REMs orchestrated complete switching of electric utility supplies for the 99th RC facilities. Additionally, there was a battery optimization project completed for Building MA048 resulting in $197k of direct annual savings.

Through speaking engagements, classroom training of facilities managers, and Energy Exchange workshops, the REMs support the promotion education and adoption of all energy and water resource conservation management activity necessary to optimize the use of utility installation and water resources.

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