Camp Shelby

Installation Energy and Water Plans

SEA Partners with Congruent Technologies Corporation to Perform Installation Energy and Water Plans for the State of Mississippi and the U.S. Army National Guard at Camps Shelby, McCain and Mississippi Minus.

At A Glance

134k Acres
47 Buildings Assessed
543k Square Feet

About the Facility

Encompassing more than 134k acres (525 kilometers), Camp Shelby can support battalion level maneuver training and has a wide range of training and logistical support facilities. It is a training ground for the M1 Abrams Tank, Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, M109A6 Paladin Howitzers, and home to the 177th Armored Brigade (Training Support).

Camp Shelby serves as a training site for the National Guardsmen and Reservists from throughout the country, hosting as many as 100k personnel annually. Camp Shelby also serves as a primary Mobilization Force Generation Installation (MFGI) base for all services.

Scope of Work

SEA is currently performing an Installation Energy and Water Plan assessment to survey elected buildings in a manner consistent with ASHRAE Level I audits in order to inform the IEWP. In addition to Camp Shelby, the program will also include Camp McCain and MS Minus. The IEWP process includes energy and water assessments for 47 critical facilities totaling 543,720 square feet., mission decomposition interviews, two stakeholder workshops and intermediate deliverables, including the Baseline Assessment and Vulnerabilities Report, as well as the final IEWP plan.

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