Calhoun Community College

Continuous Commissioning® Services 

 SEA has helped reduce utility costs by 27% for a total cost savings of $114,793 over 14 months.


Calhoun Community College Facts

34M Construction / Renovation Cost
$114,793 Total Cost Savings
90k Square Feet
2016 Completion Date

About the Facility

Calhoun Community College’s Hunstville / Cummings Research Park campus is the only two year college campus in the nation located in a major research park. This $34M construction / renovation project was recently completed providing increased access and a more collegiate environment for students. Sain Engineering Associates (SEA) was contracted to develop the energy strategy and supplement that strategy with a master plan to provide a long-term vision for making sound energy decisions to reduce energy consumption, minimize operating expenditures and extend equipment life. 

SEA developed the energy strategy by conducting site surveys, interviewing staff and coordinating the master plan by analyzing the age and condition of existing equipment. SEA also provided assistance in making recommendations for energy program staffing and financing plans. 

Recommended Solutions 

The documented utility savings resulted from optimizing HVAC equipment accordingly: 

  • Optimized hot water supply temperature to reduce boiler demand while maintaining heating needs 
  • Corrected air handling units operating inefficiently 
  • Monitored zone reheat valves for overcooled areas, verified flow rates and design 
  • Modified terimnal box flow rates to reduce unoccupied cooling/heating 
  • Investigated leaking or open heating values on air handling units/terminal boxes 
  • Examined chilled water valves for leakage 
  • Programmed roof top units to reset the supply air temperature 
  • Adjusted building pressure setpoint on roof top units to prevent excessive exhaust fan operation 
  • Adjusted economizer setpoints on roof top units to better utilize cool, low humidity oustide air 
  • Tested outside air and return air damper operation on air handling units 
  • Built dashboard to easily monitor air handling unit operation, terminal box reheats, chilled and hot water temperatures 

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