Ask Our Engineers

Building owners need trusted advisors more than ever right now. Highly competent, skilled HVAC contractors and service providers can serve as one of an owner’s most valuable resources when planning to reoccupy a building after an extended shut down or set back periods.

We sat down with some of our engineers in the Birmingham, Alabama office to ask them their thoughts and opinions on how building owners and facility operations managers can prepare for post COVID-19 building occupancy to address some of the common questions regarding occupants returning to work. Some of the questions we asked, included:

  • What maintenance should be performed on the equipment before occupants return to the building?
  • Are there safety concerns for occupants returning to the building?
  • How long before the building is occupied again should maintenance be performed?
  • What tests should be conducted to ensure the HVAC systems are safe and operating as designed?
  • What message should commercial contractors be communicating to their customers now about restarting their HVAC systems?

You can also learn more about our engineers and their expertise in this guide as well as how they can help you on your retro-commissioning and indoor air quality analysis needs in a post COVID-19 world.

About Sain Engineering, Inc. (SEA)

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) is a widely recognized global leader in energy engineering for federal programs with unprecedented success of the Resource Efficiency Management (REM) program which has resulted in enhanced sustainability and increased resiliency for military installations and federal agencies throughout the globe. Today, SEA continues its mission with the Federal Government while expanding services into healthcare, education, commercial and manufacturing industries by providing a portfolio of comprehensive energy solutions. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, SEA is a small, employee-owned business that has achieved world-class energy excellence for its clients for more than 30 years.

Through SEA’s energy consulting practices, our cross-functional team of professional engineers and licensed architects evaluate infrastructure reliability for critical facility requirements. Acting on behalf of the owner, our approach ensures facilities are operating at peak performance, whether it’s a newly constructed building or aging infrastructure.

For us, it’s about earning the trust of the facility owner and their team. It’s about sharing our expertise so that each building we leave is operating at maximum efficiency despite various conditions. It’s why we rapidly respond to each client’s needs, provide seamless collaboration and ensure your team is well prepared for ongoing operations. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than knowing we have solved the building’s challenges while implementing cost-effective energy solutions.