As two veteran leaders retire, an award-winning team leads Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. into the future

Since 1988, Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) has established an award-winning organization with a laser focus on serving clients, managing business, and fulfilling its people. The ongoing commitment from SEA’s leadership has cultivated a successful culture that has helped to identify SEA as a premier company well recognized in the world of energy. Looking toward 2020, SEA is filled with gratitude for the contribution of two retiring leaders, Vice President Dudley Powell and Director of Engineering Jim McCool. We are equally pleased to announce the internal promotions of Jason Brooks and Todd Billings along with the continued leadership of Kerry Laughlin.

Dudley Powell and Jim McCool Retiring

For nearly 10 years, Dudley Powell has provided critical leadership as the Vice President of Administration.  In addition, he successfully served as the Program Manager of SEA’s Federal Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) program. “Dudley has always been steadfast and instrumental in helping us manage the intense cycles of government contracting, supported our efforts in becoming an employee-owned company, while expanding our services into the non-Federal market as well,” said President and COO Brenda Phillips. Powell’s career has spanned over 45 years in senior management, operations, contracts, program management, and strategic planning, etc. Powell plans to transition his role in early 2020 and will continue to be involved with SEA regarding specific assignments on a part-time basis.

According to Brenda Phillips, Jim McCool Director of Engineering, “enhanced our technical capabilities as we expanded our energy service offerings. As a licensed professional engineer, certified energy manager, and commissioning provider, McCool lead by example working in the field on special project assignments while overseeing and mentoring staff with the critical attention to details and thoroughness.” Jim’s career spans more than 45 years working with complex, multi-faceted projects and clients. He too will be serving in a strategic, part-time capacity after retirement.

Both of these leaders have left SEA a well-prepared staff that guarantees continuity and continued success.

Billings, Brooks, and Laughlin

As the longest tenured employee of SEA, Todd Billings, will be promoted from Director of Business Development to Executive Director. Prior to relocating to SEA headquarters, Todd served as a headquarters REM at Scott Air Force Base in O’Fallon, Illinois. This wealth of experience, relationships, and knowledge will anchor the daily business of the company, while continuing to bring innovative ideas for future success. “Todd’s outgoing, can-do, people personality is second to none and this will translate into employee retention and empowerment,” said Phillips.

Senior Energy Engineer Jason Brooks, who has been with Sain since 2009, will be stepping into the role of Director of Engineering. “Jason inspires by example in the field and his technical knowledge has earned the trust and admiration of clients and staff alike. He is prepared to assume wider decision-making responsibilities and a demanding leadership role in our family,” says Phillips.  Brooks recently won an International 2020 ASHRAE Technology Award for his work on the ADTRAN East Chiller Plant Optimization Project. Earlier this year, he was also recognized as Energy Engineer of the Year for Region II (Southeast) by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Finally, Kerry Laughlin is maintaining his role as Federal Program Director. Laughlin has more than 25 years of experience in energy solution development and vast industry knowledge. “We are very fortunate to have the expertise Kerry offers with government clients and our field staff; he has deep knowledge of federal energy priorities and inspires confidence in all around him,” said Phillips. Laughlin provides continuity for all federal sector services, while mentoring the staff. Having once owned his own mechanical service company, his unique perspective of federal agencies crystalizes SEA’s success.

As we enter into the new decade, SEA looks forward to a future of more steady growth while we SERVE OUR CLIENTS, MANAGE OUR BUSINESS, and FULFILL OUR PEOPLE!