Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic

Commissioning Provider and General Contractor 

SEA has helped the Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic save more than 40% in average utility costs.

About the Facility

Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic specializes in orthopedic care for all ages. The two-story 26,000 sq. ft. facility provides on-site digital imaging, physical and occupational therapy areas, physician offices and administrative space. Additionally, a dialysis provider is located as a tenant within the same facility. 


Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic Facts

2019 Completion Date
40% Average Utility Costs Saved
26k Square Feet

Scope of Work

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) was contracted to provide commissioning and general contracting expertise for the evaluation of the two 70-ton rooftop HVAC units. Additionally, SEA developed an energy strategy to help improve the performance of all building operations systems in order to improve occupant comfort and increase energy savings. 

SEA employed commissioning techniques to identify the specific problems, including assessing equipment that was non-functioning and conflicting with HVAC controls programming and occupant schedules. There was also no test balance and adjustment available for the comprehensive system. Once these issues were recognized, SEA offered a turn-key solution acting as general contractor and commissioning provider. SEA managed the removal of the old and installation of the new 70-ton rooftop unit, a new control system, and implemented Testing, Adjustment and Balancing (TAB) for the building’s mechanical equipment. 

Since completion of the work, the tenants have experienced improved and consistent indoor air comfort; damp floors are no longer an issue or causing fall hazards, and the frequency of calls reporting issues to facility management has greatly decreased. SEA continues to provide regular monitoring of building controls, and the facility has reported energy savings of more than 40%. 

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