SEA is an energy engineering consulting firm founded in 1992 by its current CEO, Steve Sain. Steve had aspirations for a better BALANCE among priorities of growth, profitability, customer service, community service & especially employee fulfillment. It was obvious that the current philosophy prioritized those things in that order, with employee fulfillment tending to be the lowest. His approach streamlines priorities down to three equally important “MUST DO” operating principles.

It’s a three-legged stool analogy. If one leg buckles, the whole thing falls down. They are:

Initially, SEA focused its marketing approach as a subcontractor to larger firms. In order to grow in an independent manner, SEA would need to work directly for their client base. Our new approach would take time to develop a market presence and reputation which would be recognized by its universal client base, especially when targeting such powerful clientele as in the U.S. Federal market.

SEA took it one step at-a-time by starting on small projects and building its reputation on high-quality expertise, responsive customer service and, above all, integrity. SEA was fortunate with two significant breakthroughs within the realm of renewable energy. First, Steve Sain was fortunate to be selected as a co-instructor of a week-long Federal energy efficiency training program.


SEA is proud to be considered by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a “small, emerging” business. SEA has had to rely on industry-specific expertise and innovative ways to achieve excellence and maintain growth. Our “family-like” culture allows us to foster relationships with our employees and partners wherever they are located. We’ve embraced the latest technologies and renewable energy developments to enhance these relationships, make our processes more efficient and bring added value to our customers.