SEA Chairman And CEO Recognized In BHM BIZ

SEA’s Chairman and CEO, Steve Sain, was recently acknowledged among BHM BIZ‘s “BHM 205”: a list of influential business leaders in the Birmingham area. From the magazine:

“[Sain] is an international award-winning consulting engineer with over 25 years of experience in energy efficiency regarding existing facilities of virtually all functions and sizes throughout the United States and several foreign countries. Sain is proficient in most all relevant technologies with world-class expertise in alternative financing of energy projects, and in energy training. Sain is one of the country’s top Certified Energy Managers (CEM). In 1994, he was awarded International Energy engineer of the year by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and was elected to the Energy Management Hall of Fame by AEE in 2005.”

The article also features some facts you might not know, like his favorite dessert, bucket list and toughest challenge. Check out this electronic copy of the journal to learn more about Steve.

Congratulations on your recognition, Steve! You’ve earned it.