Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) is an energy engineering consulting firm with over twenty-five years of energy management experience.

Sain Engineering is an SBA certified energy engineering firm with over 25 years of energy management experience. We provide licensed and certified energy professionals with the expertise to identify the most cost effective methods to improve functional operations and reduce energy consumption, thereby increasing energy savings and return on investment.

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  • Consulting

    We provide energy solutions for clients in transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, education and the Department of Defense.

  • Optimizing

    SEA has a proven track record of providing the highest quality service, consistently achieving more than a 3:1 Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR).

  • Managing

    SEA has developed a network of world-class energy experts in virtually each and every known aspect of energy efficiency.

Our Services

  • Sustainability Planning and Strategies for Energy

    SEA can assist owners/managers respond to issues due to rising energy prices, aging assets and infrastructure, and limited funding. Developing and implementing pro-efficiency programs is a crucial step in reducing energy usage.

  • Energy Assessments

    SEA brings a proven track record of performing facility energy assessments all over the world, auditing more than 190 million sq. ft. over the last four years and identifying millions of dollars for our clients in savings.

  • Building Commissioning Services

    SEA’s commissioning process ensures proper performance as an integral component of a facility’s life cycle. Our strong commissioning expertise is founded on unique skills and experience in system design, troubleshooting and building forensics, as well as ongoing facility operations and maintenance.

  • Energy Information Systems

    SEA can provide a full range of energy information management solutions that allows building owners to integrate energy into their strategic business plan. Through monitoring load profiles and demand, appropriate cost allocation can occur.

  • Resource Efficiency Management (REM)

    SEA has provided energy management services for over 25 years to the federal government and private sector. Our experience has allowed us to be recognized as subject matter experts in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, training and strategic planning.

  • Accreditation Services

    SEA can provide guidance in achieving efficiency certifications such as LEED®, EnergyStar® and Green Globes®.

  • Alternative and Renewable Energy

    SEA can assist clients on selecting the best option for use of alternative/renewable energy sources, including converting to use of different sources of energy, alternative off-site storage and management, alternative and stand-by fuel pricing.

  • Additional Services

    SEA has successfully demonstrated how to provide comprehensive energy engineering services helping clients find ways to meet energy reduction goals and reduce utility costs.

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Yes, your business needs an energy solution: 5 reasons why

Here’s what happens to commercial buildings that do not have their energy data analyzed on a regular basis: they get less efficient over time. Equipment wears out. The staff isn’t able or motivated to keep up best practices. Proactive measures aren’t being taken to lower utility bills and drive down operational costs related to energy…

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SEA’s Bill Sommer Achieves LEED AP Certification for Operations + Maintenance

Bill Sommer has attained the LEED AP certification for Operations + Maintenance. LEED AP recognizes professionals who implement sustainable practices, improve performance, heighten efficiency and reduce environmental impact in existing buildings through enhanced operations and maintenance. Click here to read more about LEED: Building Operations and Maintenance.

Tuscaloosa Medical Facility Experiences Energy Savings Due to Building Diagnostics

Studies show most adults only schedule an appointment with their primary physician after they become sick or need critical medical attention. Most ailments are overlooked until we experience extreme discomfort. Modern medicine affords us the luxury of seeking preventive care as a means to reduce the number of critical doctor visits therefore reducing long term…

U.S. Army Central Operational Engineers awards Mary Kate DeWolf a Certification of Appreciation

US Army Central Operational Engineers awards SEA’s Mary Kate DeWolf a Certification of Appreciation. She shares it with members of ASG-Kuwait DWP staff on July 3, 2018 at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. The first Operational Energy quarterly team award is presented to Directorate of Public Works – South, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait and supporting personnel for their…

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